The Horse That Started It All

CB silouette (1)

Horses are a symbol of strength, power, and elegance, not to mention prestige. “Sakari” not only is a Japanese reference for “the best,” it is also the name of my first horse, a rescue off-the-track thoroughbred.  Sakari was a successful racehorse in the early 2000’s winning well over six figures.  After a mild track injury, he was simply thrown in a field and never touched again by his original owner.  He acquired nails through the bottoms of his hooves, infected cuts from becoming entangled in barbed wire, and was incapable of trusting humans.  Eventually someone took him out of the field, preventing him from becoming any more damaged.  His original owner took one look at Sakari and realized she had to relieve him from misery.  However, even though he began improving, she could not always keep him with her.  And after transitioning through a series of lesson barns, Sakari quickly developed a notorious reputation as “The psycho Horse.”  And although many claimed to really like him, they were afraid of him.

But my family and I were blessed with the “Psycho Horse.”  As a young learning rider, I was looking for a horse to lease and after a long search, Sakari fell into my lap.  Originally, I wanted nothing to do the crazy animal, as he frankly unlikable.  As a lesson horse, he had developed habits in order to counter people looking to ride him.  He bit, he shoved, and was not easy to ride. But I spent an entire summer with the crazy beast.  Afterwards, I had the opportunity to give him up for another horse; and I am glad I didn’t.  I wound up sticking with Sakari and over the next seven years, where he rehabilitated to the sweet, gentle, and trustworthy giant he is now.  And to this day, I credit him with teaching me everything I know about horses.

Sakari Watch LLC is not just a watch company with a horse on the dial, but a company based off the traits many of these “throw away” horses possess.  What the world needs to understand about Sakari, is that despite his neglected life after the track and the series of homes, he has truly become a gentleman.  One will never find a horse more genuine, calm, or trustworthy.  Sakari is the horse you want your daughter to ride, or your pregnant wife to lead out to the field.  He is a horse you that can give a pony ride to every kid on the block.   And within a few short weeks, all of these good qualities could have been bottled up in a glue factory if nobody came to rescue him.

There are literally thousands of these horses that originate from all different places. Some of them are like Sakari, throw away race horses; others are victim of divorcing families or people who can no longer afford their beloved companion.  Some are even soulless pieces of farm equipment that nobody has a use for anymore.

Sakari Watch LLC is prided on representing the horses in need of rescue.  All of them have something to offer. It is a company meant to bring awareness to all the sad and brutal situations one finds at horse auctions, meat farms, and the back of a kill buyer’s truck.