What Makes a Sakari Watch Tick

Sakari watches are powered by high grade Swiss ETA movements.

Your 7750 movement is an extremely well built chronograph movement designed for precision and accuracy.  By using a chronograph top plate, its wearers receive the design and function of a chronograph watch, but with the benefit of the automatic movement.  In other words, rather than having to wind your chronograph daily, you simply have to wear it.  The kinetic energy from wearing your watch daily, automatically winds the movement.  Ideally, if you wear your daily, the crown should never have to be unscrewed.

Operating at 28,800 BPH, the 25 jewel movement contains a 50 hour power reserve, meaning you can take off your watch for just over two days and when you put it back on, the watch will still be ticking.

The 7750 movement in your watch provides its wearers with four different options of time keeping.  At the nine ‘o clock position, one will find a sub second dial.  This hand displays every second that your watch keeps track of.  When the chronograph function is activated, the movement’s center second hand sweeps across the dial of the watch, functioning like a stop watch.  Every minute that goes by is rerecorded by the dial in the twelve o’ clock position; followed by hour indicator in the six o’ clock position.