Customer Service

Thank you for purchasing from Sakari Watch Co.  10% of every watch sold is donated toward saving a horse bound for slaughter.  The average cost to rescue any given horse is approximately 500 dollars, this means for every five Sakari time pieces sold, can save a horse.

Sakari Watch Co. prides itself on producing high quality time pieces.  Your new watch is powered by an ETA movement, which are serviceable through any reputable jeweler/watchmaker.  We recommend servicing every 3-5 years for optimum performance.

Automatic watches are made up of gears, springs, and lubricant.  The more the watch runs (through daily wear) the more the springs and gears turn.  The more use your watch receives, the likelihood of any parts getting stuck decreases.

 If any problems should arise with your Sakari watch, please contact us.        

Please read our Terms and Conditions page before purchasing to understand all refund/warranty policies as well as in house servicing procedures.